Canada-U.S. Trade and Energy News Round-Up

  • Canada and U.S. Still Negotiating On Enhancing Free Trade into Agriculture.  The Canadian Press offers an excellent article by Alexander Penetta on how Canada and America’s diplomatic approaches to deepening their trade agreements.  The article does a good job of placing the Canada-U.S. trade relationship into each country’s domestic politics and other international trade objectives.  Key highlight:

    “We believe the president has to seek trade promotion authority,” [Canada’s U.S. Ambassador Gary] Doer said. “We’re having positive discussions now. But you can’t have a situation where a country like Canada can come to an agreement with 12 countries, including the United States, that they can bring back to (Capitol) Hill and it can be amended.”

  • NAFTA Freight Has increased 4.4% Year-to-Year, Exceeds $100 Billion for 6th Consecutive Month.  Updates like this emphasize the importance of NAFTA, and how small efficiencies in border trade can yield consequential returns.  Freight–or bulk goods trade between Canada, Mexico, and the United States–are growing, and trucks are carrying three-fifths of those goods.  (Source: Today’s Trucking)

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