RCC & BtB Update: SWI Initiative for Simplifying Cross-Border Trade, Greater Alignment on Greenhouse Grown Plant Regs

The Canadian and American governments continue to show their commitment to the Canada-U.S. trade and security relationship.  

SWI:  Canada’s One-Stop Electronic System for Submitting Import Information

To facilitate trade while still ensuring cross-border import regulations are met, Canada has announced it will give commercial traders a one-stop electronic location to submit all required import information.  This Single Window Initiative (SWI) is planned to be finalized by fall 2014, though it’s exact “online” date has yet to be released.  The U.S. counterpart to SWI is the International Trade Data System (ITDS), which is slated to be deployed in 2016.  Both systems will allow traders to more efficiently cross the border while still complying with Canadian and American import regulations.

RCC and GHG Plant Regs:  Feedback Sought on Revised Technical Requirements for the U.S.-Canada Greenhouse-Grown Plant Certification Program

Canada and the United States have revised their technical requirements when it comes to the trade of greenhouse-grown plants.  While this may not seem significant, common vegetables and fruits grown in greenhouses can “yield up to ten times as much as crops grown in the field.” 

Learn more about the Canada-U.S. Greenhouse-Grown Certification Program here.  And a summary of the proposed technical changes to the program can be found here.


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