News Round-Up

The Canadian Trade Minister Commissioner Services offers a great review on Canada’s 2013 exports and imports.  “An increasing share of exports headed to Asia. Canada’s exports to Hong Kong doubled in 2013, reaching $4.9 billion; exports to China were up 5.9 percent to $20.5 billion.”  How much in exports does Canada send to the United States?  $358 billion.

Al Jazeera America has a fantastic interview piece with Mexico and Canada’s Ambassadors to the United States.  Amb. Gary Doer:  “ We got about 80 percent of our trade free, as they say, between our countries. We didn’t get 100 percent a number of years ago, but we got a lot of predictability across our countries with NAFTA.”

NV Gov. Sandoval’s Back from a Two-Day Trade Mission to Canada.  “The Governor’s Office of Economic Development and representatives from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the Desert Research Institute, and the University of Nevada Reno, will hold a conference for targeted Canadian companies to highlight Nevada’s leadership in the Unmanned Aerial Systems industry and to attract interested companies to Nevada’s testing sites.”

CargoSmart Continuing Its Seminar Series on Canadian Trade Compliance Regulations.  CargoSmart offers Canada trade compliance solutions that integrate with its visibility and documentation suites for forwarders and importers to streamline their shipment management processes and submit timely, complete, and accurate advance trade data to CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).”

C.D. Howe Institute Looks At Canadian Representation Aboard on Canadian Exports.  “It confirms that economic diplomacy boosts exports – and quite significantly – and adds to the existing literature by shedding light on the questions of where, why and how.”

32 U.S. Congressional Members Write USTR on Canadian IP Concerns.  “[U.S. pharmaceutical company] Eli Lilly and 23 members of Congress are demanding Canada be elevated to the USTR’s Intellectual Property Priority Watch List.”

U.S. Delays on Keystone XL Approval.  The indefinite extension could put off a decision on the pipeline, which would carry crude oil from Canadian tar sands to American refineries, until after November’s midterm elections.”


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