Great Lakes Round-Up

One of the most impressive aspects of the Canada-U.S. bilateral relationship is the successful joint management of the Great Lakes.  With a $1 billion-a-year fishing industry and 200 million tons of cargo shipped annually, the Great Lakes are a critical part of both nations’ economies.  Check out Great Lakes-related news below.

Weather Shuts Down America’s Largest Steel Factory. reports on how the rough Midwest winter has clogged the Great Lakes waterways with ice, leading to the week-long shut down of Gary Works steel mill.  Yes, even icebreakers have their limits.  (Read more at CBC.)

U.S. Ups Dredging Funds, Canada Eyes Water Levels.  Learn more about the mechanics of dredging–and what the Army Corps of Engineers does with dredged material.  While dredging needs dominate U.S. headlines, in Canada it’s about water levels.

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative’s Sinking Funding.  Founding for this interagency action plan to clean up toxic areas, protect environmental habitats, and enhance outreach endeavors has seen it’s funding slip since 2009 from $475 million to $285 million.  Perhaps updating the 2010 action plan would be helpful.  And if you go to Page 39 of the report, you’ll see just how valuable Canada-U.S. partnership is to a thriving Great Lakes region.

More Information.  Oh, P.S., keep an eye out for emerging efforts and work from the Council of the Great Lakes Region–a fabulous new organization–and learn more about Great Lakes Canada-U.S. management at the International Joint Commission, the binational organization that regulates the Great Lakes water use.



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