Conrad Black: Offers His Take on Canada’s Place in the World, States “Obama’s America…Not a Reliable Ally”

Check out Conrad Black‘s op-ed in yesterday’s National Post, where Black pulls no punches on his geo-political heavy analysis of the Canada-U.S. relationship.

Though, failing to mention the mutual benefits of the Canada-U.S. economic seems puzzling in a piece dedicated to enhancing Canada’s place on the world stage.

From Black’s op-ed:

No one can accuse Harper and Baird of being overly deferential to Washington, and Harper has commendably kept his distance from, and avoided even the usual self-abnegating pleasantries with, U.S. President Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush. They have both been unsuccessful presidents, and not since the goofy twenties of isolation and Prohibition and the Great Depression of the Twenties, if not the unhallowed days of Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanan who conducted America into the agony of the Civil War, have U.S. leaders been accorded so little esteem in the world. With these administrations, Harper has shown normal courtesy and no more, and even his critics on the left cannot accuse him of grovelling to Washington.

There is no point being independent of the U.S. and NATO if we have no material or moral authority. Harper should take up the study of an independent defence policy that Martin began. Hillary Clinton said this week that the U.S. and Canada should work together to prevent Russian penetration of our side of the Arctic. It was a diplomatic formulation of American protection of the North American side of the Arctic, as Canada isn’t going its part. Obama’s America is not a reliable ally or a consistent power, and Harper would do better with his traditional conservative supporters building up the armed forces and defence industries, than in his imbecilic campaign of mindless drug enforcement, harsher criminal penalties, and the construction of redundant prisons. Draco is no more worthy of emulation, politically or otherwise, than Neville Chamberlain.


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