Check out “North American Competitiveness: The San Diego Agenda”

Laura Dawson, Christopher Sands, and Duncan Wood offer this report, “North American Competitiveness: The San Diego Agenda,” on strengthening North America’s economic ties.

Read the full report here and a report summary here.

From Ambassador Charles Shapiro’s forward:

NAFTA was completed in 1994 before the smart phone, before maturation of the IT and biotech industries, and before e-commerce or fracking entered our vernacular. North American businesses have developed interconnected, just-in-time supply chains. We manufacture together. We must deepen North American integration if we are to stand up to new global competitors and prosper in new markets.

The “San Diego Agenda” is the road map. Business understands the importance of open markets, open borders, and the strength of complementary assets. Mayor Eddie Francis of  Windsor, Ontario, Mayor Carlos Bustamante of Tijuana, Baja California, and Governor José Calzada of Querétaro, Mexico, who spoke at NACIC, understand it as well. It is not clear that this is a priority for the three federal governments.

We must recognize once that Mexico, Canada and the United States are partners. Separately we are three very important countries. Together, we are a powerhouse. As Malin Burnham said at the close of the conference, it is time for government to lead, follow, or get out of the way.


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