US Congressional High Tech Caucus Sounds Alarm on “Protectionist Data Flow Policies,” Cites Canada and Others

Numerous news outlets are reporting on a letter lobbying U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman  to push against other nations’ “protectionist data flow” policies during the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations.

An interesting wrinkle:  the letter signals out Canada.

From the High Tech Caucus letter:

“Canada has increased the number of federal government Requests for Proposals (RFPs) invoking a “national security exemption” and requiring IT vendors who bid for projects to keep all or portion of data within Canada.”

The letter highlights just how complicated negotiating trade pacts can be, let alone maintaining the Canada-U.S. economic partnership–one of the closet bilateral economic relationships in the word.

Learn more about the High Tech Caucus here (and see its members here).  

And read John Ivison’s excellent article on the letter that offers a Canadian perspective on the letter, and highlights protectionist U.S. policies that appear harmful to Canadian firms.

The Hill reports on the High Tech Caucus letter from a macro-viewpoint


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