News Wrap-Up: NAFTA’s Current and Future Trade Trends; Canada’s Budget Health; Canada Exports Up; U.S. & Canada Wages; North American LNG Race

Planes, Trains, and…Rail and Ports?  U.S. and NAFTA Partners Trade Growing, Report Breaks Down By Means of Travel.   “[V]alue of overall U.S. trade with its North American Free Trade Agreement partners…rose 5%… .”  Pipeline trade leads the pack (shocker).  But trucks and rail trade see growth as well.  Vessel trade down, but don’t fret–there are always way to increase “port productivity”.  (Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) of the U.S. Department of Transportation)

But The [NAFTA] Future Freaks Me Out?  Well, calm down at the NAFTANEXT conference (April 22-25, 2014).  “The Summit’s agenda will cover the overlapping issues of reducing environmental impacts and improving energy sustainability while growing good jobs and increasing private sector profitability to support the economics of all three nations.”

Canada’s Export Sector is Up and Continued Growth Projected.  Why’s this important?  Export growth has been seen as the key for sustainable growth.  (Canadian Press)

Canada and the Return of Federal Budget Surpluses …Just Don’t Ask about Provinces.   Michael Badbad at The Globe and Mail discusses Canada’s federal and provincial budget landscape.

Canada’s Auto Labor Cost Advantage.  New employee cost: $37 U.S. , $32 Canada.  But Michigan still expected to pass Ontario as North America’s #1 vehicle producer).  (The Globe and Mail, Greg Keenan)

But wait!  In oil and gas wages in Canadian wages are “as much as 60 percent higher than their counterparts in the U.S. … .” (Bloomberg News, Rebecca Penty)

Canada Behind U.S. On Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Development.   Source: RBC Capital Markets analysis, citing greater Canadian LNG-development complexity.  (Financial Post, Jeff Lewis)


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