RCC Stakeholder Webinars Announced

Webinars have been announced for the Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC).  Webinars will bring key stakeholders together on RCC workplans related to agriculture and food, environment, transport, and nanotechnology.

From Actionplan.gc.ca:

Canada and U.S. working group leads will be holding jointly-planned and executed webinars to allow stakeholders more opportunities to simultaneously interact on RCC issues with the officials from both countries who are directly responsible for the implementation of the 29 initiatives included in the initial Canada-United States RCC Joint Action Plan.  Beginning Monday, January 6, 2014, these webinars will provide updates on work plan progress, and allow you to directly engage with leads and technical staff.  These webinars will be held quarterly and are in response to stakeholder requests for deeper engagement.  They also facilitate the involvement of regionally-based firms and associations or others who may not be able to attend outreach and engagement meetings in person.

Access to the internet and a telephone are required to participate. There is no cost to participants.

Each webinar will run approximately 60 minutes and include the following agenda items:

Brief overview of the initiative and initial objectives

Progress update (on track, ahead, behind)

Key issues / barriers / challenges and planned solutions to address them

Update on ongoing alignment / cooperative arrangements work

Plans for the next quarter

Questions & Answers

Actionplan.gc.ca also offers this guide  on how to participate on the RCC webinars.


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