WaPo’s Fascinating Take On Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks

WaPo combines excellent journalism with some intriguing number-crunching to give us a fresh take on the Trans-Pacific Parternship (TPP) talks.

(Note:  The article articles mind-bending graphs, check out the full article here.)

Thanks to a leaked draft of the Trans-Pacific Paternship’s (TPP) intellecual property chapter, Henry Farrell and Gabriel Michael offer a fascinating take on the ongoing discussions.

Main takeaways:

  • America Is Bowling Alone.  The United States appears to be a in lonely negotiating position.*  (WaPo includes an important qualifier.)
  • Canada Is TPP’s Proposal Leader.  Canada has the most sole-country proposals in the TPP IP negotiations.
  • Canada and New Zealand Are How the United States will Bridge the Gap?  Canada and New Zealand appear to be the key connectors between the United States and other other nations engaged in the TPP process.  (For more, check out the article’s last two graphs.)

More evidence of just how important the Canada-U.S. economic relationship is to a robust North American economy, but–perhaps–to successfully concluding one of history’s most ambitious multilateral trade negotiations.

For more on Canada, the United States, and the TPP check out these posts:

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