Colin Robertson Offers Strengthening the North American Economic Parternship

What practical steps can Canada, Mexico, and the United States take to build their trilateral relationship?  

After attending American University’s two-day conference “The NAFTA Promise and the North American Reality: The Gap and How to Narrow It,” Canada-U.S. relations expert Colin Robertson offers some suggestions.

From Colin Robertson’s subscriber-only op-ed in The Globe and Mail:

-Resurrecting a high-level business advisory group that is more than just a photo opportunity.

-Given that there is no appetite or money for the new institutions, using more effectively those already in place, notably the Commission on Environmental Cooperation, and the moribund Commission for Labor Cooperation.

-Develop a North American climate strategy that the leaders can take to the international table. Why not, for example, an international price on carbon, starting with North America?

-Better high-level coordination within government and across governments (including states, provinces and cities) to maximize and sustain continental collaboration.

-A coalition to inform and educate at the regional and community level will be led by the highly effective Pacific Northwest Economic Region and theBorder Trade Alliance.



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