Manitoba Co-operator RCC Article Paints Incomplete Picture, Highlights Australia & New Zealand’s Regulatory Cooperation

Below is a portion of Alex Binkley’s article on the Regulatory Cooperation Council, drearily titled, Harmonization effort a flop, business coalition charges.”

Unfortunately, similar to a article published in late October, the Manitoba Co-operator omits any mention of RCC successes.  But it does highlight a successful–if still on-going and perhaps not completely analogous–effort of regulatory cooperation between  Australia and New Zealand.

From the November 6th article:

Despite the backing of President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a cross-border initiative to harmonize Canadian and American regulations has made paltry progress, says the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition.

Announced with considerable fanfare by the two leaders in 2011, the Regulatory Cooperation Council has made “little or no progress,” the coalition says in a letter to Robert Carberry, assistant secretary of the council’s secretariat.

Business leaders from both countries have pointed to the regulatory streamlining that Australia and New Zealand have accomplished as a model for the North American neighbours to emulate, he said.

When the council was created, it was given 29 priority areas to work on, and it should commit to wrapping those up during the next year, the letter says. It also calls for the federal cabinet to press for speedier progress on an issue that has been an irritant to business since the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement was signed a quarter of a century ago.


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