Canada Assists U.S. in 1.1-Ton Cocaine Seizure

Just another way that Canada-U.S. security cooperation is essential to North American and Western Hemispherical security.  

(Note:  Learn more about the multilateral security effort Operation Martillo here.)

From Saturday’s CBCNews:

The Department of National Defence says the Canadian Forces has assisted the United States Coast Guard in seizing more than 1.1 tonnes of cocaine in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

During a search of a suspect vessel on Oct. 25, crew members from HMCS Edmonton and a U.S. law enforcement team uncovered 639 kilograms of cocaine.

Two days later, the same team tracked and boarded another suspect vessel, seizing 468 kilograms of cocaine from the ship and from bags that were thrown overboard by the crew.

Operation Caribbe is Canada’s contribution to Operation Martillo, a U.S.-led interagency and multinational effort among Western Hemisphere and European nations, designed to improve regional security and deter criminal activity.

Canada has deployed naval and air assets as part of Operation Caribbe since 2006.



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