RCC’s Bright (Bulb) Idea: Canada Proposes Light Bulb Efficiency Standard Aligned With U.S.; Lowers Cost & Enhances Consumer Choice

This is what effective regulatory cooperation looks like:  Canada has proposed aligning their light bulb efficiency standards to America’s, giving Canadians and Americans alike enhanced consumer choice and ensuring the North American marketplace delivers consumers high-value, low-cost consumer items.

Canada proposed new light bulb efficiency regulations that, if adopted, would align with American standards.

While not mentioned as a specific prong of the Regulatory Cooperation Council’s (RCC) various workgroups, this announcement highlights both nation’s commitment to delivering on the overall aim of the RCC:  “Working together, Canadian and American regulators can achieve shared goals of ensuring health, safety, and environmental protections more efficiently and effectively.”

From Marketwired‘s Friday report:

The Honourable Joe Oliver, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, today announced a proposed amendment to Canada’s energy efficiency standards for light bulbs to provide greater choice for consumers and align with standards in the United States.

“Our government is taking meaningful action to allow greater choice for Canadian consumers,” said the Honourable Joe Oliver, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. “By aligning energy efficiency standards for light bulbs with the U.S., we are lowering costs and reducing the burden for Canadian businesses while providing consumers with the choice they need.”

Following an announcement to increase performance standards for lighting in 2007, the Government consulted with Canadians and made a decision in 2011 to allow consumers and industry more time to prepare for new lighting standards. The amendment proposed today allows for greater choice for consumers by including an additional incandescent halogen lighting option that operates in the same way as traditional incandescent light bulbs while saving energy.



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