Wednesday’s RCC Stakeholder Event Shows “U.S. and Canadian governments…want good ideas about how to strength and improve U.S.-Canada regulatory cooperation,” U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Director of the Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation

Wednesday morning the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will be hosting an off-the-record Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) stakeholder event in Washington, D.C.

The RCC is a Canada-U.S. joint initiative that aims to tackle unnecessary regulatory burdens between the two nations while ensuring consumer safety, environmental protection, and border security practices “benefit from the combined expertise of Canadian and U.S. regulators.”  The RCC is currently pursuing 29 regulatory initiatives.

The stakeholder event will allow business leaders and other key stakeholders to share ideas on how to improve regulatory cooperation between Canada and the United States.

Adam Schlosser, Director of the Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation, discussed the importance of the meeting with BTBObserver last week:

“In nearly two years the RCC has shown great promise, but it holds the potential to unlock even greater gains for U.S. and Canadian business, consumers, and governments. We are pleased to host OIRA and the Privy Council for a discussion focused on exploring methods to advance the goals of the RCC. Both the U.S. and Canadian governments are coming to the table with an open mind and have expressed a strong interest in tapping the business community for good ideas about how to strengthen and improve U.S.-Canada regulatory cooperation. Stakeholders should take advantage of this opportunity and come prepared to share their thoughts and questions.”  

The meeting highlights the importance of bringing industry participants into the RCC’s regulatory dialogues.  In fact, the creation Stakeholder Coordination Council (SCC) shows just how eager Canada-U.S. businesses are to work with the RCC.  As stated in this SCC press release, the RCC’s work can be “enhanced through a parallel dialogue with industry participants.”  (Over 25 organizations signed the SCC letter.)

But will the meeting allay the concerns of John Manley?  Manley, CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE), stated recently that the RCC and the Beyond the Border Action Plan‘s  “tangible benefits have been few and far between” and “concern is that…[they’ve] just dropped into obscurity.”

2013 RCC events and announcements.

2013 RCC events and announcements.

Admittedly, there has not been a RCC progress report since December 2012.  But that’s not to stay RCC has gone into an early hibernation.

To see how the RCC mission can be strengthened, flip to page 7 of this February 2013 RCC presentation.  And check out what new ideas on how to build on the work of the RCC here.


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