USA Today: Canadian “model could help the U.S. create the framework for a revamped guest-worker program”

USA Today reports on Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, analyzing whether it can serve as a model for a revamped U.S. guest worker program–a critical part of U.S. immigration legislation that’s currently working its way through the U.S. Congress.

From Peter Haden’s report:

[Eleda] Boniche arrived in Ontario in 2002 from Costa Rica, her five children in tow.

“Like all immigrants, I came to look for better opportunities for my children,” she said.

She said the Canadian programs offer migrant workers an opportunity they would not otherwise have.

“Many of them don’t have a career. They don’t have a way to make money in their country,” Boniche said. “They come and work here to pay for the higher education of their children. So, if we look at it from the social aspect of their home countries, there will be more professionals and they’ll have kids and grandkids with a better way of life.”

She thinks the Canadian models would be ideal for the United States.

“I think that a program like this helps so that, instead of arriving to be exploited, workers arrive with a job that gives them another life option.”


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