Sen. Jon Tester Talks Up Low-Level Radar Security System for Northern Border as Effective, Low-Cost Solution to Border Gaps

Hours before holding a field hearing focusing on northern border security, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) talked to CBC news on a new border security strategy:

A U.S. senator says a low-cost, high-tech cable sensor system could be planted along the Canada-U.S. border to boost security without impeding business.

Montana Democrat Senator Jon Tester, who will chair a special field meeting of the U.S. Senate homeland security committee today focusing on the northern border, said cutting-edge technology, private partnerships and bilateral collaboration are key to closing potentially critical gaps — especially at expansive unmanned stretches.

“I think there’s some real opportunity to save money and get better border security,” Tester told CBC News. “I’m not talking drones here, I’m talking low-level radar. I’m talking things like Blue Rose technology, where you can lay a cable in the ground and determine whether a gopher runs over it, or a human being, or a horse.”


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